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You got the Nerve?...

to make nougat?

It is actually really easy to make.

No it is by no means healthy as it has truck loads of sugar but seriously get going on a test batch because it makes an awesome Christmas gift. Every time I have given it to anyone it hasn't lasted a minute and its all about the luxury at Christmas so blow the calories!!


  1. I'd be game! Although my standard is rather high after having it in Europe so I'd probably never be satisfied with what I made!

  2. I think your right, I don't think I have the nerve...... The Italian relatives do such an amazing job at it I also actually never need to make my own. I eat enough of it as it is. .............Gorgeous blog. I am your newest follower.

  3. Looks delicious - I've got the nerve, have you got the recipe?? :)

    1. For sure just click the bit that says.. really easy to make x


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