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Come on Back....

I have had a dreamy week.. I got one of these because I am going here...

this is me on Hamo 5 years ago.. and I plan to re create this picture daily!

I had figured I couldn't go on holiday for a while (we haven't been anywhere in nearly 2 anyhow) because I need access to internet and a proper computer at all times... I also need it filled with all my work stuff and a huge amount of content I have to access daily for the magazines etc..

Well blow me down if my guardian angels didn't just pop up and get me one for my birthday in advance and then lend us accommodation they happen to own..

Seriously I am like walking on air. Yep I will still be working but it will be in P.A.R.A.D.I.S.E and it will be just me and my family with none of the daily grind that comes with working from home. I cannot wait and you know what I said Come on back... but why should I? I can just stay up on my cloud until we return to Sydney on my actual B Day :)


  1. I have always been amused to be here....simply an awesome post..

  2. Brilliant, awesome, wonderful, yay! x


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