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Do you get addicted?

Ever since I made this.. I have become addicted to having healthy sandwiches for lunch.. not even sandwiches but open ones so I can have double the serving on half the bread cos I am greedy like that :)

My latest that I have to share.. simple and oh so divine..

 I followed the link from pinterest but no recipe so I just made it up and I am sure I made it better!!.. what would you add? or are vine ripened tommys and pecorino enough for you too?


  1. Yummo, looks delish!
    Sundried tomatoes instead might be an interesting change?

  2. This is my absolute favourite kind of lunch! I'm a little addicted to tomatoes on lightly toasted bread at the moment, YUM!

  3. Mmmh,yummy.^^
    Maybe follow each other???
    My Blog

  4. This looks seriously yummy. I wish my tomatoes looked that vibrant though. They have been really pale and sickly looking in Brisbane lately. Might be time to splash out on the expensive market ones that actually taste like tomato!

    I digress, thank you for sharing! x Laura


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