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Guest Curator- Mon Cherie Amor

Truly she sort of is my love.. you see Cherie has been such a blessing for me and DTLL and I sort of love her guts!!.. Ok over to Cherie

Before Tess invited me to join the team at DTLL, I was really quite miserable working in a job that saw me working night shifts, & sitting at a computer for the entirety of those night shifts.

And so I would literally spend my nights trawling DTLL’s beautiful wares, whilst juggling a busy switchboard in my super stressful role.

In fact, DTLL became my happy place while I was in fact, in a fairly unhappy place {professionally speaking}. 

Who’d have thunk all that trawling would lead me to managing the social media for DTLL? Not I. No siree!

Life really is beautiful like that, it delivers you opportunities when you need them, & want them the most.

I love this necklace.  I love ceramics.  I love clouds.  I love daydreaming.  I love blue.  This is all of those things; in one outstanding piece of jewellery.

When I was a little girl, I used to sing ‘somehwere over the rainbow’ to my little sister; all the time.  As soon as I saw this on DTLL, I knew I had to have it.  And so I added it to my trolley, checked out, & plan to now put it up in Max’s ‘big boy room’ as a celebration of his childhood, & mine.

This would suit our kitchen, to.a.tee.  As soon as there’s room on my credit card, I’ll be snapping up these rustic bad boys quicker than you can say, ‘oh my god, look at those darling rustic bad boys!’.

There is no better colour than yellow.  And to date, there has been no leather satchel that has moved me the way this yellow leather satchel does.  It it just happiness, tied up two pretty yellow leather buckles.

I saw this wooden ‘little boy’ nightlight, & it made me think it needs to be on my son’s bedside, while I read stories to him as he drifts off to sleep.  There is something about this sweet light that is just so … romantic.   

Cherie is of course Social Media Manager for DTLL so you will often find her on our Facebook Page but mainly you will find her in her happy place at Raising Master Max and sometimes chatting over here at We Heart Life


  1. It's been a most beautiful pleasure working for you, & the DTLL family!

    Thank you so very much for having me :)


  2. As per usual, I love everything!
    That necklace is seems to old too...and looks completely one of a kind.

    PS I cannot wait to see Max's big boy room!

  3. I love that rainbow print. And the light box. And the satchel. More added to the wishlist!
    ps. Cherie, you were born for this. And deserve it. So much.

  4. I have seriously been eyeing off that necklace. I want to wear it when I go sky diving :)

  5. I love the necklace and I love yellow !
    Such a great match - DTLL and Cherie


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