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Guest Curator - That Lucy... She Shopped

My style can best be described as classic with a hearty dose of eclecticism. That definition applies to my home, my relationships and myself. For example right now I'm working a bright red hair-do with shortly clipped sides. It's the way I roll. I've also got three young sons, Ed (6), Raph (4) and Sonny (3), so I love fabulous things, but I love practicality more. So in short, if I'm going to own it, it's got to be useful and a little bit different.

Picking my most favourite 5 products from Down That Little Lane is some kind of torture, but here goes.

1. Growing up on Adelaide's metropolitan beaches, I've become quite partial to lazy days by the seashore. These Sombrilla's are what  Prince Eric is to Ariel. A match made in heaven.

2. My classic style with a touch of bam! lends itself to accent colours. So a room in my house might be 70% white, 20% complementary neutral and 10% accent colour. Right now I'm massive on yellow. Can't get enough. Goes without saying I'm all over these Elvis cushions. The added bonus? They're made in Australia.

3. I have an obsession with Chevron and I also like to keep things simple. So marry chevron (in pastel colours none the less) with disposable plates and I have a party on my hands. I don't care if my sons think pink is for girls, next birthday they will be scooping their cake of these babies.

4. I'm mad for religious artefacts. In my home I have a marble Buddha next to a pressed metal Jesus…did I mention my approach to spirituality is also eclectic? Just love one another for goodness sake. Anyhow, I digress. I love this clay decor cross, perfect for hanging by the front door of my 1910 house, reminding me to set my intentions for every time I enter and exit the house. Peace be with the world (inside my own four walls and out), and so it is.

5. I love to entertain and understand that sometimes a cup of punch is good medicine. Best dispense it from this then...

Lucy runs the most fabulous site She Shopped and you can find her on FB here to keep up with all her fab finds x

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