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How I feel when I take control...

There are so many factors in life you can't control and that bothers me.. I am bit OCD when it comes to this. Not day to day plans, not even what we are eating but more organisation and planning.

I concentrate on fitting in exercise, work and looking after the house and my family every day.

I need to use every moment of my day to the best of its abilities so wasted time faffing around looking for things I have lost annoys me. Knowing I had an ingredient for a recipe but couldn't find it in the pantry would drive me potty. Having to find everything for my kids when they can easily get it themselves?.. well that is a constant battle for all of us BUT I often win as if I can direct them to an exact spot I can stick to my guns and off they go.. Why is that? Because I am mega organised.

Its simple and easy to do and just comes down to storage and placement.. My local Officeworks is about 100m's from my local Vinnies and between the two I have everything I need to mix old with new and keep things sorted.

My house can get trashed and messy but at the end of the day it all goes back in set places and I can rest knowing order is restored and that makes me feel good.

Later in the week I will show you how I did my pantry as it is the one place people always comment on and I dare you to try and do the same.. It is sooo rewarding (and actually fun)..

I suppose if I show you my "anything spare" draw in the kitchen you will get where I am heading..

tell me I am not alone? share with me your OCD'ness (is that a word?)..


  1. Oh my....Tessa I need you! I am your absolute polar opposite - organised chaos...although you may just have inspired me to do something about it!

  2. I am totally OCD too.
    I love for everything to have a place...and I especially love when everything is in its correct place!

  3. You are a lady after my own heart. I feel so much more calm when things are organised and tidy. I can deal with grubby fingerprints on windows and a few crumbs on the floor as long as all the dishes are done, the toys are in their toy box and clothes are hanging neatly where they should.

    I just redid the pantry a couple of days ago, and it give me a little kick of happiness everytime I open it to see organised bliss!

  4. This is a great idea and not OCD. Just a little organized. Which is great! xo

  5. You are making up for all those years when you lived at home and had no idea what a hanger was and drawers were just stuffed rather than neatly packed...but then with a mother like me, who would poof up the cushions if a guest left the room to go the loo, it was expected the OCD would surface in you somewhere along the way.......but at least you generally know where things are!!!!!xx

  6. You are not alone, at ALL.

    I tone down my OCD to most, but if you saw my cutlery drawer, you'd know 2 things;

    1. My Father raised us MILITARY style, everything has its place, & its place has to be ordered,

    2. I am an OCD diagnosis waiting to happen.

    Motherhood temporarily brought me undone, but I'm clawing my way out & back to my organised loving self again ;)

    I've stopped apologising for it. People can function in so many different ways; for me ... messy & chaotic is just not how I roll.

    LOVE your pantry! We just re did ours.

    Bliss x


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