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Kindred Spirits

Well I love unique gifts, I adore handmade and I am all about bespoke.. It is what Down that Little Lane tries to embody and promote. I would love to say these are new sellers of ours (and who knows maybe one day they will be) but they are not.. they are just so right up my alley I had to tell you all about them..

from father to child
kindred transforms the father's cherished shirt into an heirloom, now enjoyed by the next generation.

I can turn my husbands Ozwald Boatengs's into a shirt for my Master Harrington? I L.O.V.E that!!..


  1. Hi Tess - This post struck a chord. My mother has been doing this for years and now that I have my own children, she made quilts for them with panels coming from our childhood clothes and bedding. As a teenager, I didn't recognise the power and beauty of what she was doing - but now I am mother I totally get it.

  2. Oh my, that is gorgeous.. I would love to do the same.. I really must learn to use a sewing machine x


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