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The gift of giving

This week I have never been more grateful for anything more.. the gift of giving..

DTLL turns One Year Old Next week. At the start of the year our gorgeous Bron asked what my one word for the year was....... mine was Epic and that it has been.

For any Mum doing the juggle it is not easy, for any wife trying to be the best partner whilst working full time it is not easy, for any individual trying to build a start up business on a budget it is not easy.. to try and do it all is exhausting but above all that it is exhilarating, it is empowering and it is exciting.

Along my journey there has been a constant theme, the gift of giving..

I have had amazing support from friends and family and I have actually had the opportunity to pass that gift on in sharing the knowledge I have learnt in the last few years. I have been given encouragement from people I have long admired (thanks Bron, Kirsty and Phoebe) and advice from those I used to watch in business and only hope I could be half as good as (thanks Kate). 

I have had my fellow Mums pick me up and let me know its ok when I have been knocked down by the mother guilts (thanks Team Bishop and Sutherland and of course the amazing on line community that is the blogging world), the chats that meant so much at birthday parties (thanks Liz), the "hi are you ok's" at the gym (thanks Alex).. they have all been a gift that was given and they will probably never know how much it meant.

Most recently I was given a gift by my family that meant I could take some time away with my family (thanks Team White). My family are everything to me, my family are why I started DTLL, my life misson is to keep them secure and of recent I had lost that vision. I was just to busy to stay focused on it and it was making me sad. Our holiday let me re connect and gave me back my drive, my vitality and my ME..

So this week I am grateful for the gift of giving. I can be given for free and is priceless.


  1. That's beautiful! Such a supportive community you have surrounding you xx

  2. What a year! I can only imagine the intense juggle and of course the immense pride and achievement.

    So the trick to 'doing it all' is having an awesome 'support team'!

    Congratulations on the one year birthday Tessa, what a feeling it must be. x Laura

    1. Thanks Laura, it has been a rocking year.. I am almost happy to age with this one x

  3. sounds like you had the best holiday at the best time - here's to another year of delights from you xx

  4. Congratulations on a your first year. Sometimes we need to take a step back and take it all in, remembering what the ultimate goal is. Enjoy the next year to come. xx

  5. the holiday, togetherness sounds wonderful. i do believe you receive back what you put out there- you must be a very giving person indeed. :)sarah

  6. What a year it must have been for you!
    Happy 1st Birthday x

  7. It has been such a big year for you, I am glad you got to have a relaxing break with your family. I have loved watching DTLL grow and following you on this journey. Happy first birthday! Tessa you are amazing!

    xo jody

  8. You are a beautiful soul and an endless inspiration. I'm so glad I met you, Tessa. x

  9. What a whirlwind year you've had, and so lovely to be surrounded by so much love and support. I'm so glad that you've joined the WHL team too :)


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