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what I am not

I have had a pretty full on week.. what am I saying all my weeks are full on. I often feel overloaded and want to moan about but seriously.. I have NOTHING to complain about so I won't..

Love this print from DTLL

I am grateful for the sunny spot on my front deck where I sat with one of my favourite girls and nattered for hours.

I am grateful I am not a single parent.. I have so much respect for them..

I am grateful I have stunning track runs at my front door so I can run off my stresses and take in the stunning views... food for the soul, especially mine

I am grateful I have family who love me and who have taken control of certain areas in my life of late and shown me the bigger picture, have forced my hand in certain ways and really blown me away with their overwhelming love.

I am just grateful my life is the life I have.. it truly is a fabulous one..


  1. Oh that is a sweet print Tessa. Great gratefuls too, so much love there. :)

  2. I love that print, just gorgeous.
    Lots to be grateful for Tessa. Hope you have a good week!


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