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A Guest Curator who has been around The Block...

Today we are welcoming Katrina... Katrina is famously known for her time on The Block with her sister Amy but she has done so much more since then..

The beaches stools are able to be custom made and coloured to suit your style

this industrial bedside would suit as a side table or even a filing cabinet in the office..

Tock Tock has a choice of dial, minute hands and even seconds so it is your unique creation

The Zachary Set will suit both boys or girls and age with them perfectly

Well the message is clear and what is not to love with this print?

You can never have enough storage or hooks in a home, this set comes in a few colours too..

This bedhead against a feature wall in a bedroom and your interior design job is done!

You can find Katrina on her blog or over here on FB but possibly the place she potters about most is on Twitter so do go and say Hi because she is really rather friendly :)


  1. Nice one, Kat! I love all your finds. x

  2. Love Katrina and her blog. Great round up of products. I have featured one of your products on my blog today. I hope that's ok.


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