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For the love of Eating : CFCM Gateaux

Ok so Coffee, Chocolate and Meringue had me at hello but add some Frangelico and I am on my back!!. This delish recipe is by a truly talented lady called Katie. You know here don't you? If not you should....

Head over here to meet Katie and grab the full ingredients.. you can say Congrats whilst you are there if you fancy..

Whats your favourite cake? Mine always involves chocolate funnily enough..


  1. woah yum! that looks pretty special :-)

  2. Take away the coffee part and I'd be all over this! Love that cake tin too.
    My favourite cake is Nigella's Easter chocolate cake (mostly eggs, chocolate and butter... Hardly any flour. It's sort of mousse-like... Amaaaaazing!). I am also partial to a bit of carrot cake as I LOVE cream cheese frosting.
    And here I was thinking I wasn't much of a sweet tooth! xx

  3. Oh my, that looks wow!! xx


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