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Guest Curator - MaxiBron.. so much better than the ice cream

I used to only know her as Maxabella then I got to know Bron and as one of my all time favourite ice creams is a Maxibon so every time I think about Bron my nickname in my head springs up with must call MaxiBron.. kinda special don't you think?

nightime never looked so cute

who wouldn't want a pair of salty's?

fleeting flutterbys

such a cute dress.. it screams happy days

trestle love is the best kinda love...

if you can't spend your time traveling around the world..

minty fresh goodness

 doe a deer a.. well it is that time of year..

 tea party with the little ones?

its all about community and this table is right for that..


  1. maxi bron- PERFECT! (and much better than Maxi pad)

    xo em

  2. I love the salt waters and the bruised leg.. such a lovely collection! x

  3. Maxibron? I love it!! Thanks for having me, Tessa. I'm saving my pennies for this lot ( I already have the deer nightlight and it's saving my nights! Darn afraid-of-the-dark kids!). x

    PS - I didn't notice the bruises!


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