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Happy Birthday to me.... well us ....

well DTLL that is....

One year old today.. how did that happen? where did the year go? the growth has been quicker than my bubba's and the learning curve? Oh my.. take me back to newborns they were a tad less complicated..

I am excited for the future, proud of what has been achieved and so happy I took the leap of faith to do this.. From the people I work with, the sellers that are part of the family and the other wonderful people I have met along the way. My life is truly enriched and I love every minute of working my butt off to create something special for them and I..

Happy Birthday DTLL.. you have learnt to walk now I am going to teach you to run..

Have you taken a leap of faith in anything? I would so love to hear if you have..


  1. oh my that chocolate icing looks delicious!! I think I have a little sugar craving now :-) x

  2. Happy Birthday to you!
    Huge congrats on everything you have achieved!
    Hope you are celebrating today with a glass a something bubbly xx

  3. Happy Birthday DTLL - you are precisely one year older than us (well, My Bespoke Chair) We are born today - next year seems like a long way off and bit scary too. Enjoy the day!

  4. Happiest of birthday's to DTLL! And a huge congratulations to you Tessa on such a wonderful year. Here's to many many more wonderful birthdays ahead. xx

  5. Happy birthday and congratulations!
    I cannot believe that DTLL is only a year seems so established...a very advanced one year old!

  6. Happy Birthday DTLL and well done to your doting mama:)

  7. You are amazing! Well done on such a beautiful store x

  8. A perfect day to have a birthday - congratulations

    Nina x

  9. Happy Birthday DTLL. You should be rightfully proud. Your baby is a very beautiful one x

  10. Happy Birthday DTLL! Well done on making it though the first year of having a store :)

  11. OMG, I can't believe I missed your birthday. You know I'm your (non-scary) number one fan.

    Well done for ALL you have accomplished this year, Tessa. Keep leaping, lovely, keep leaping.



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