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If I get asked one thing often I tend to think it might be a good idea..

There are many things I get asked daily and many things our of those that I just can't grant the wish on. If I count the kids in it goes up by fifty odd but I digress... I get asked if I would consider sponsorship on my blog and until now I just thought why would I?

Of recent I have been talking with some of my favourite business women and we were talking about how we love to collaborate, how we love paying it forward and above all how we enjoy getting the buzz when the karma comes around from just doing something for someone because you can.

I have spent this year building some great relationships and as my business is built around helping other smaller businesses get noticed DTLL now has a very broad social network..

So last week when I got asked yet again would I consider sponsorship on my blog I said yes.. and there it is.. I have made it easily affordable and am more than happy to consider all styles of payment.. up the top on the right you can go to the Sponsor page and see what is on offer.

Any other questions just go to the contact page and get in touch :)

And of course. I should introduce on of those Sponsors.. you should know her, I love her and I am a walking advert for her as my hubby bought me my first Uberkate piece back 5 years ago and I never, ever take it off :)

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  1. Good on you! I had been feeling the same way and decided to open sponsor options up on my blog... xo


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