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Meet my Sponsors

So I opened up sponsorship spots the other week and thought it was about time I told you all about them..

First up is Boudoir Lash Bar. I actually went and experienced this last week and I love it. I like to look made up but I am time poor, like to exercise and shower far too much and am also one for the VERY natural look.

I now do absolutely nothing but moisturiser each day and yet look alive and keep getting comments.. ticks all my boxes but if it all sounds too much for you just go try it for all the upcoming Christmas bashes at least then see if you can stay away after that..

I will introduce you too my other sponsors later in the week :)


  1. I love makeup on others, but it's never suited my face.

    I love a more natural look too.

    My Dad always pushed natural beauty as being the most important, & it's always stuck with me :)


  2. Love the lashes! They look fab on you! xo


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