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Q& A with our GIveaway

When did you start your business and how did it come about?

My sister Emma and I started Fletcher May earlier this year. Each of us had spent considerable time and energy renovating our own homes in the past couple of years and we saw a niche in the market for high quality and stylish room decor that was also functional. I was getting frustrated that my fridge was becoming cluttered with everything and anything so the magnetic boards gave me the perfect opportunity to re-organise. With Emma’s background in early childhood education we decided to start our products focusing on magnetic boards for children because for them the boards are not only stylish but can also be used for educational purposes. We have just started a new range of magnetic boards for other places in the home and are very excited to be not only be catering for children but also adults.

Why did you choose your business name?

We chose Fletcher May because they are both names of significance in our families and also represent our business well. Fletcher embodies our practical and functional side, while May draws on our feminine and whimsical influences.

What have you most enjoyed in your career so far?

Being a new business, we have had a steep learning curve and have learnt so much in such a short time. The most enjoyable part has been watching our business grow throughout the year. From the very first time we started thinking about designs to watching those designs turn into products ready to sell. 

Have you had any major highlights, personal or business in the last few years?

We have so many dreams and aspiration in life that not all are ever realised. However for us just to start a business and receive so much positive feedback, it feels like a big tick off our bucket list!

What inspires or motivates you? 

We are both big believers in getting out there and making things happen, so to us people that are doing this are inspiring. Whether they be the new owners at the awesome bakery down the road or Nanna’s cousin Ted studying law at 87 - this is what motivates us.

and lastly tell me one things about yourself that you love but has nothing to do with business..

Sunny days at the park with the kids playing happily and a good take away coffee. 

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  1. It's always so good to read about a fresh idea that someone makes happen.x


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