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Random Musings of the Grateful Kind..

I usually find when I come to my gratefuls that I either feel meh.. what have I got for you?.. NADA, immediate OMG it is so just this one big thing I am grateful for like last week or my head pops all over the week going "that was pretty cool and oh I loved that.. ".. so today is the later.. Kinda Random.

Lets start at the start, good a place as any.

Monday was an awesome press day so I am, as always totally grateful for that..

Tuesday I went and had some eyelash extensions I met the owner the other day and couldn't stop staring at her so decided to take the plunge. I don't wear make daily so as you don't need any with these they are perfect for me. You like?.. I LOVE .. not me but my lashes.

Wednesday I went to an exhibition in Balmain and met up with two of our stores and got to see the stunning work of Kanimbla Clay in much bigger sizes than I own... Here is me with the beautiful Brianna and lovely Helen beside Helens Valley Vase

Thursday I just hung with the kids and caught up on some work that had been getting lost on to do lists.. always a kicking goals moment for me

and today.. well today was Kindy Concert.. Oh so cute AND I have just decided we are getting Take Away tonight so I am already grateful for that.

What were you up to this week? Is your grateful a random or a whopper?


  1. Ace week! I love how excited you sound in that first paragraph!!
    My week has been good! Very busy in the shop and some very big spenders so I am grateful for that. Oh and the DTLL shop is taking off, very grateful for that!!
    Hope the rest of your week continues to be awesome
    Rach x

  2. Naw, kindy concert! My class has their concert in a couple of weeks. It's so adorable. Gorgeous lashes!
    Visiting from 52 Weeks of Grateful

  3. Look at your purdy lashes! I can't believe you got eyelash extensions. I mean, that's sort of you but not you, you know? They look great.

    We have our kindy concert (and Lottie's 'graduation' from preschool... seriously) next week. I can't wait!



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