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Things that go....

squeal in the night... I ma not even sure why I am sharing this as probably not funy to anyone else AND my bit that makes me laugh the most is actually a hypothetical situation but last night our fire alarm decided to wake us all at 4am with the most ridiculous high pitched squeal known to man..

Dad and Marcus ran our to the corridor, the alarm is just by my bedroom door so I could lay and watch. He grabs a bar stool and stands on tip toes with my Dad at his hips so he can just touch the turn off button.. NOPE.. He grabs a books so he can reach a bit further.. NOPE...Dad gets up (he has 3 inches on Marcus) and takes the cover off to prod it?.. NOPE. Marcus goes to grab the book as he is about to wallop the thing off the ceiling. I get up grab the step ladder, go up myself and pull the battery out YEEHAH!.

Dads comment "But you have just disconnected the battery?" err yes so the bloody thing stops squealing!..

My thoughts as I went back to bed giggling.. men are fixers, women are dooers AND thank god we don't all sleep naked these days!!.


  1. HAHAHA too funny. What an interesting night :D I also am glad for times like these that i always make sure iam fully dressed before closing my eyes at nigh...thankyou for sharing. :)

  2. hehe so funny! We really are dooers! xo


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