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Its a Connection

I said last week how my gratefuls are often either blinder singles or a mix of little bits and bobs.. this week is another random musings..

Watching my parents with their grandchildren has been fabulous, as always they do things a different way to me and they claim I was never like my own kids.. I was heaven apparently.. yeah right!

One of my favourite things about DTLL is not making money but making relationships.

This week I have been connecting like a flousy (sp?). My gorgeous Cherie and I have been sharing plans for our future all whilst she prepares for Max's 2nd B Day (Happy Birthday Master Max!).

I went up into the hills to meet a rather perfect new seller for DTLL called Fi, she was divine, her house is a place I could settle, her dog gave me kisses, your heart will go thump when you see her creations AND her brother in law is one of my heroes. We connected on so many levels and I know we will be good friends.

Kitty and I got our Christmas on.. I was sort of dreading it as usually it is just a solo event with me being ordered around but she was such a little helper and we have a really lovely time making the tree look its best and then pottering around the house deciding where other things should go.

By the end of the week I desperately needed to get over to the Bondi Office to hang out with the Creative team and work on our development site as we have some fab features coming that we had to test out before we let them loose.. I have known the boys for over 7 years but its only the last 2 that we have been in contact daily. They are totally different personalities and I adore them all. I sat on Friday between Mark and Adam with Petr on Facetime on the iPad and just slotted in. They are my family now and the view out the window wasn't bad either!!

So this week I am grateful for connections, for relationships and for the people I choose to share my life with.. they make everything rosy, simple as that x

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