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Just get it out there....

Are you one that stews on comments and never says anything?

I am not.. I may not say anything immediately but if something bothers me enough it won't take long.

This week my Mum and I had a full on screaming argumment, we swore, we cried, we said I love you and we walked away. This is the way I work best. You get it out, you both assess what was said and you build a bridge and get over it which is exactly what we have done.

I am so grateful I have parents that I can do that with.

It was over my son. Mum's comments to him had hurt me as she had been reprimanding him for not treating me well and not being nice to me. She was right. He is at a pretty difficult defiant stage and the way he (and his sister sometimes) treat me is far from ideal. I think as Mothers we often let it slide as we get used to it but it is wrong however listening to my Mum tell him off I got defensive as in my mind this is the little man I created.

Post fight I actually realised how her words had come from such a place of love and not of anger in that she was actually not trying to fix him because there is something wrong with him, more as a result of the fact she didn't like seeing her daughter treated like that.

Mum was feeling the exact feeling I had felt when hearing her words to him, she got defensive as I am the little girl SHE created.

So this week I am grateful for emotions, grateful for truth and grateful for love that truly can outlive any thing, if your love is strong enough it can and my love for my parents is just that.

That would be them there with my hubby n kiddlywinx.. so much love..

Do your family argue? Do you get over it or are you still at war?


  1. you're a good and wise woman Tessa White


  2. Sounds like a healthy post-argument analysis to me, definitely something to be grateful for, sometimes it's hard to do!

  3. I am becoming more and more like that, I just wish my family were too.. good on you for getting it out there. xo

  4. Parenting is confusing at the best of times...

  5. We have argued and we have re built bridges and gotten over it. It is hard as a parent seeing your child reprimanded too.

  6. How grea it must be to able able to say things and deal with it then and there. I'm a stewer and I'm not sure that is healthy.

  7. Oh dear lord I'm too afraid to say what I really think, I think I would be estranged from the family, sometimes it's best to let things lie, who am I kidding. I know it's not for me, but in many ways I'm already estranged. long winded and probably makes no sense :/

  8. At least you know you're loved ;O)
    I have had to learn to be kind to myself because what I can't get from others I have to give to myself......
    I am very thankful to my husband and children because without them I wouldn't know that feeling at all.
    Happy New Year Tessa!
    Love Tania xx


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