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I didn't cry until... son bawled his eyes out and said "But I want my Kitty" as she trotted off into her classroom, having given him the most gorgeous kiss and a cuddle saying " Don't worry Harry , I will see you at the end of the day".

THEN.. the teacher had our kids give us a little take home pressie. A tissue, a tea bag, a freddo frog and this poem...

I mean seriously what is a girl to do?. I felt like I had a tennis ball in my throat but was so touched.. Hey her teacher is called Tess, she has to be awesome huh?!

Proud Parents.. of course

Yep, just a little blinded, totally awkward but obligatory

Grandparents in on the act..*

"bye guys" and please note dribbling mess of brother on my hip

and then she was gone...

our poor little fella, parted from his sis for the first time in 4 years!**

* anyone noticed how much weight my Dad has lost since this? and now you can see the height diff I was talking about here

** he was fine about 20 mins later when I took him to the park although he did ask about 58 times in the first 2 hours " Mummy, please we go pick Kitty Up?". When at 1pm I was able to say " Lets just get some paint , pop it home then we can go get Kitty " he said "Oh Mummy you are the bestest in the whole of London".. thanks buddy :)

Lets Party : Hazzles B Day

So I made it through the SECOND Thomas Party I have thrown inside of 12 months. It was all rather rushed and nothing like I had envisioned as I was so busy with work but it was still fun as always..

We made teddy trains and had take home " Luke the Little Green Engine" Cookies from Karyn

Top hit was the drinks dispenser, funniest was kids eating the swizzle sticks I had purely for decoration and the one thing I did not think would happen was absolutely everyone drank their mini milk bottle... first thing!

My best moment has to be split between a gorgeous kiss from my son saying " Thank you for my everything Mum" and having my folks there..

I can never decide who I look like most? BTW Dad is taller than that and Mum is shorter.. we were on a slant :)

Stills : A weekly collection


: i like moving stuff, creating new places
: she listens to music and signs... ALL day
: in between she swings
: smoothie for breakfast and wine for lunch. its a balanced diet!
: when working east side i run east side
: the book has had much use of late
: nosey neighbour and his newest race car
: the little man turned 4

I just like it : Yellow

How can you not?.. It brightens a day. It is a happy colour and goes well with anything..

Stills : A Weekly Round Up

:: Lunchtime for a busy bee, nut mix and coffee
:: I never know what I will turn up to at Kindy, a star wars plane and their version of Elvis and Pocohantas
:: The changing face of our year 'round wreath
:: What do I do when I am feeling overwhelmed? RUN..
:: Her lashes

Get the Look : Polka

10. Napkins
11. Artwork

Stills : A Weekly Round Up

He is my superhero
Been hanging out with Obi alot.. got  a feeling he won't be here this time next year
Breakfast of Champions.. Blueberries and Grapes
My parents got the keys to their new home in AUSTRALIA
Racing the kids
My boys like alone time
There has been lots of parktime
We started our backdrop for H's Thomas B Day this weekend

Linking up with Em to see what everyone else has been up too..

Lets get ready to Party : Seriously?

Seriously Harrington? Seriously?
What party do you want sweetheart? Thomas, Blue Mountain Mystery Party Please.
But sweetness you had a Thomas Party last year?!.
Yes Mummy...
Not Batman? Not The Incredibles? Not Toy Story? Transformers?!..
No Thank you Mummy, Just Thomas.

So I have to do the same party as last year but make it different.. gah!!

Its all good.. no way I am doing a Thomas Cake again (it was NOT easy and it did not meet my expectations to which I can blame no one but me). I am going more vintage and Pale Blues this time... I found this as inspiration on Pinterest. I love the simplicity and am thinking to just do a more themed backdrop..

We may have a booth and little crossing...

I have created my collection on DTLL and I think it all matches well ...

What do you think?

Stills : A Weekly Round Up

: we went to The Grounds in Alexandria.. Food, Amazing. Decor, Double Amazing
: Kitty can look like a little teenager sometimes
: we started adapting the Paleo Diet into our life so apart from the top shelf our fridge is all raw
: Harrington just can't keep up with all our activities.. bless
: we have spent 6 days straight at the pool each afternoon
: Harrington can also look like a teenager with his moody methods
: she is a daredevil.. a little speed demon

Kiddlywinx : Let's Play

Holidays need not turn you loopy.. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

2013 : One Word

So last year my word was Epic and by golly did I have an Epic year.

I said in my last post I would give you my word for this year. If I am to be honest I had two, well three really as it was more of a phrase " Trust the Future".

I love the saying "The way to predict the future is to create it" and as Maxabella said yesterday her word for me is Trust I am going to claim "Future".

I don't like to worry about what has been and gone. If there was a mistake it is over and I am sure to have learnt from it and if it was fabulous it will hold in my memories to make me smile again. I love looking to the future, all I do day in and day out is for the future of my family, for the future of my friendships and for the future of my health...

Dreams and Hopes

I hope you have all had a fabulous 2012. I for one have had a blast, learnt so much, grown in ways I never thought possible and had so many of my hopes come true that I have nothing left to do but smile.

I have even bigger hopes and dreams for 2013 and have no doubt I will be smiling twice as big this time next year.

Epic was my word for this year and Epic is what it has been.

These days I aim high and always do what feels right. I adore building the relationships of those I am close too. I make time for the people I care about even if it is just a text to show I am thinking of them. I listen when they talk and try to remember the small stuff because it is those small things, the different things that make us individuals.

I used to worry about what people thought of me, change myself even to suit them but the friends I have made in the past couple of years have shown me new ways, given me confidence to be who I am and supported me in being that person.

I am not sure if it comes from being a Mum that I happened to find this person as I wanted to be a good role model for them or if it is age but I feel strong, confident and loved and now realise that is all I ever needed.

We can all want for materialistic things but to be honest I actually feel pretty complete just as I am and that is a lovely feeling. We live life on a budget and we have to think where we spend our money but in my mind our family is as enriched as it has ever been, rolling through tough patches forms bonds and shows you what is important.. for me thats family and friends.

Here's to an amazing 2013 for everyone I know and everyone I don't what is my word for this year?..Hmm let me have a think and I will tell you later in the week :).. What is yours?