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Lets Party : Hazzles B Day

So I made it through the SECOND Thomas Party I have thrown inside of 12 months. It was all rather rushed and nothing like I had envisioned as I was so busy with work but it was still fun as always..

We made teddy trains and had take home " Luke the Little Green Engine" Cookies from Karyn

Top hit was the drinks dispenser, funniest was kids eating the swizzle sticks I had purely for decoration and the one thing I did not think would happen was absolutely everyone drank their mini milk bottle... first thing!

My best moment has to be split between a gorgeous kiss from my son saying " Thank you for my everything Mum" and having my folks there..

I can never decide who I look like most? BTW Dad is taller than that and Mum is shorter.. we were on a slant :)


  1. well you're a bit amazing then aren't you Tessa!! not to mention HOT!!!

    xo em

  2. Party looks great Tessa! I love the kiss, so sweet. And I think you're a real mixture of the two, all beautiful smiles. So glad they were there to celebrate with you. xo

  3. Fab party Tessa, that kiss from your boy is just gorgeous! Makes all the rushing and planning worthwhile xx

  4. what a lovely birthday celebration. Lots of happy memories made. Love the smooch photo. Hugs


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