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Lets get ready to Party : Seriously?

Seriously Harrington? Seriously?
What party do you want sweetheart? Thomas, Blue Mountain Mystery Party Please.
But sweetness you had a Thomas Party last year?!.
Yes Mummy...
Not Batman? Not The Incredibles? Not Toy Story? Transformers?!..
No Thank you Mummy, Just Thomas.

So I have to do the same party as last year but make it different.. gah!!

Its all good.. no way I am doing a Thomas Cake again (it was NOT easy and it did not meet my expectations to which I can blame no one but me). I am going more vintage and Pale Blues this time... I found this as inspiration on Pinterest. I love the simplicity and am thinking to just do a more themed backdrop..

We may have a booth and little crossing...

I have created my collection on DTLL and I think it all matches well ...

What do you think?

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