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Stills : A Weekly Round Up

: we went to The Grounds in Alexandria.. Food, Amazing. Decor, Double Amazing
: Kitty can look like a little teenager sometimes
: we started adapting the Paleo Diet into our life so apart from the top shelf our fridge is all raw
: Harrington just can't keep up with all our activities.. bless
: we have spent 6 days straight at the pool each afternoon
: Harrington can also look like a teenager with his moody methods
: she is a daredevil.. a little speed demon


  1. Love your collection of photos. And it reminds me of a place I used to called home. I lived in Alexandria for a year :-)

    If you d like to participate on a photo challenge, I have created a Golden Hour project and would to have other participants to join if they feel like.

  2. I'm very fond of The Grounds. It's up the road from News so I like to pop in there before our fortnightly editorial meeting for a little hello. x


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