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52 weeks of Grateful : Connections....

Whether Down that Little Lane had been a success or not today I would still have been able to say I was grateful for the connections I have made.

Luckily it is growing faster and better than I ever dreamed but yet again, whilst I will modestly take responsibility for a large portion of our success, I would be nothing without the support I have had from   our amazing store owners and the other women I have found to be part of my tribe.

I have so much love for them all. It is pride, mixed with loyalty and this overwhelming feeling I have to want to see them succeed in whatever they do, to see them happy, to see them glowing the way they make me glow after a day of emailing, a long chat or a dinner on a wet night like I had tonight

Connections take time and effort as does anything good in life and yes some of them have let me down or not returned, let alone noticed my loyalty but most of the people I adore make me feel the love straight back. 

Today I am grateful I have these people in my life and I am grateful they came to me when times were hard and are still


  1. you certainly have a wonderful business and from what I can see online a wonderful community around you. I'm sure you've done the same off line too. It really is what makes the world go round.

  2. Connections are definitely so important, I think. Sometimes they're in real life, sometimes virtual, but the true ones, you can just feel they're right :)

  3. The perfect reason to love what you do and do what you love, Tessa. I'm grateful for the connection that you and I have made. Quietly there in the background throughout my bloggy days. x

  4. Well said Tessa. I am grateful for your lovely blog! Jane x


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