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Happy Easter Everyone...

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Get the Look : Easter

Stills : A weekly collection

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Pinterest Picks : Wood and Stone

This is one of my favourite boards.. people often ask me in interviews for work what is my design style?.. Organic and Unique.. thats me :)

I love nature, not in a hippy type way nor I just want to live in the country (although I wouldn't say no.. err helle Beth.. lush house, lush fields ). I just like natural textures, things that age and show wear. I love colour and trends but my base will always stay with the likes of wood and stone. Pull in some leather and linen and I am in bliss

How about you ?

We just knew no better

I am sure as generations go buy this conversation will evolve and possibly the divide will be even more evident. My mother (along with many others I am assured) is often heard to say

"You were never like that, you were such a well behaved child. You did as you were told and knew how to sit in silence at dinner and wait for others to finish, you knew how to play on your own without needing adult supervision"

It is funny to hear.. surely I was not as angelic as my parents make out?

I remember arguments? Truth be told I don't remember tantrums but surely I would have been to young. We had a nanny once my brother came along as Mum and Dad ran a business together so maybe she got it all?


I have my theory..
we had no iPhones, iPads..
we had TV but only before school time and from maybe 3-5 in the afternoon and even then not all of it was for a pre school age..
we had decent size gardens..
we just walked to mates houses even if it was across town, as the neighbourhood was safe..
we essentially led a far less stimulated life by anything other than ourselves

So maybe, just maybe we were all a better set of kids because in general we we were content in ust  thinking, happy in our own thoughts, observing life and creating our own stimulation not reliant on technology to ease out boredom.

Is it just we knew no better? Do you get the same things said to you? Were you a wonder child along with your partner that has somehow, despite the fact it is your DNA, managed to raise offspring that are polar opposites at times?

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Stills : A weekly Collection

: my last one from 7 vignettes
: she is my friend and i want the shirt from her back
: my boy, his fingers, some may frown, i don't care
: waiting for his master
: collections to make me smile at work
: had a wicked time but i object to walking through that freaky face to get to it
: positive affirmation for the future, happy memories of the past

Pinterest Picks : Beautiful Boudiors

If you asked me what my perfect bedroom was I would have said anything with gorgeous linen and a king size bed but after taking great pleasure looking through my beautiful boudoirs board on Pinterest it appears I do have a style..

Fresh linen in white, beige or grey
Some serious natural light
High ceilings
White walls
Simple, no clutter
...lots of organic materials

Whats your perfect place of peace? post me a picture on our FB Page or chuck me a link in comments..I truly am curious x

Do you ask?

Time is precious, we would all prefer we didn't have to work or had less chores to do in the day so we could spend more time creating memories to treasure.

A nice relaxing bath, time with family or for me a beautiful bush run... just time for the things you enjoy.

For those without family close by it is harder but friends are there to be friends and partners can offer a few hours reprieve... IF you ask.. do you ask?

My parents have now moved to Australia and live 10 minutes down the road but I don't ask.. I have mates all around but I don't ask.. do you ask?

I always feel if I asked, I should owe and as I don't have time to owe, I cannot ask so again I say do you ask? and if you do...HOW?

Get the Look : Autumn

Stills : A Weekly Collection

: lifeinstyle ends.... cool edie's rock.. simple as that
: i scooter with him to collect her (no not the cat's mother, just Kitty)
: after a garden gets frazzled by the sun a lone magnolia is a beautiful thing
: circles in vignettes
: all white for 7vignettes monthly challenge from Jen at Interiors Addict
: we finally gave in and got SMALL lego... oh dear
: marcus has been longing for an inside fern

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52 weeks of grateful : back to basics

When I started Down that Little Lane I had a really clear vision of what I wanted to create and how I wanted it to grow along with which path it would take..

The vision has not changed it has become even clearer, I created what I wanted and then made it so much better and my paths have been travelled with exact precision however so many little paths have opened up along the way that I have run off down them to return back and travelled double the distance if not more than originally marked.

For this I have no complaints (apart from possibly a huge lack of sleep) however today what I find myself truly grateful for is that I have reached a point where I can finally ask for help.

Why didn't I before?. Well I controlled every move and I loved all the aspects of my job that I had each day, heck even if I had budget to hire I simply couldn't let go.

The idea was like leaving your newborn for the first time with a babysitter, what if they didn't treat her the way I did?

Cut a long story short. I found Em, then Cherie and they handled my baby with care and loved her like I do. Cherie introduced Jody to me and then Amelia messaged me and made it quite clear she possibly loved DTLL more than me so I have let them all in. They babysit for me and allow me to get back to basics.

I have gone back to more time envisioning, creating and growing.. back the basics that were what started the whole thing off and it feels amazing to have help. It feels just right..

Grateful doesn't describe well enough how the girls have made me feel. I am still too busy but too busy with other stuff, stuff that ONLY I can do and for that I don't want to ask for help.

Man I may even finally get time for lunch with my Maxi-Bron. I need to say thanks after all you found me the team leader!!