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52 weeks of grateful : back to basics

When I started Down that Little Lane I had a really clear vision of what I wanted to create and how I wanted it to grow along with which path it would take..

The vision has not changed it has become even clearer, I created what I wanted and then made it so much better and my paths have been travelled with exact precision however so many little paths have opened up along the way that I have run off down them to return back and travelled double the distance if not more than originally marked.

For this I have no complaints (apart from possibly a huge lack of sleep) however today what I find myself truly grateful for is that I have reached a point where I can finally ask for help.

Why didn't I before?. Well I controlled every move and I loved all the aspects of my job that I had each day, heck even if I had budget to hire I simply couldn't let go.

The idea was like leaving your newborn for the first time with a babysitter, what if they didn't treat her the way I did?

Cut a long story short. I found Em, then Cherie and they handled my baby with care and loved her like I do. Cherie introduced Jody to me and then Amelia messaged me and made it quite clear she possibly loved DTLL more than me so I have let them all in. They babysit for me and allow me to get back to basics.

I have gone back to more time envisioning, creating and growing.. back the basics that were what started the whole thing off and it feels amazing to have help. It feels just right..

Grateful doesn't describe well enough how the girls have made me feel. I am still too busy but too busy with other stuff, stuff that ONLY I can do and for that I don't want to ask for help.

Man I may even finally get time for lunch with my Maxi-Bron. I need to say thanks after all you found me the team leader!!


  1. DTLL is such a wonderful place.
    I cannot believe all that you have accomplished and in such a short period of time!
    And you have collected quite the rock star team to support you!
    If you ever need a Brisbane girl to add to the collection, just shout!

    1. Oh yes my sweet, you are on the list that is for sure x

  2. I love being part of the DTLL team, thank you so much Tessa. xo

  3. Well, it sounds like you have the perfect superhero team there!
    I find it so hard to ask for help, because who knows your baby better than you?
    It's so great to hear that your big leap of faith was absolutely worth it. xx

  4. Sounds like the best kind of help and a beautiful team x

  5. They are a WONDERFUL team, Tessa. I'm so glad you have found such great support. x


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