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Do you ask?

Time is precious, we would all prefer we didn't have to work or had less chores to do in the day so we could spend more time creating memories to treasure.

A nice relaxing bath, time with family or for me a beautiful bush run... just time for the things you enjoy.

For those without family close by it is harder but friends are there to be friends and partners can offer a few hours reprieve... IF you ask.. do you ask?

My parents have now moved to Australia and live 10 minutes down the road but I don't ask.. I have mates all around but I don't ask.. do you ask?

I always feel if I asked, I should owe and as I don't have time to owe, I cannot ask so again I say do you ask? and if you do...HOW?

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  1. I never ask. No family around makes it hard and like you I just can't ask friends... xo


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