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Stills : A Weekly Collection

: lifeinstyle ends.... cool edie's rock.. simple as that
: i scooter with him to collect her (no not the cat's mother, just Kitty)
: after a garden gets frazzled by the sun a lone magnolia is a beautiful thing
: circles in vignettes
: all white for 7vignettes monthly challenge from Jen at Interiors Addict
: we finally gave in and got SMALL lego... oh dear
: marcus has been longing for an inside fern

linking up with Em who does this so much better than me....


  1. I think you've done amazing. Love that magnolia- at first glass I actually saw a fancy looking petal bowl filled with rainbow sprinkles. Pretty stuff! Xx Ashley

    1. Totally agree...the flower is magnificent! And right now, I've got a hankering for some legos to play with!


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