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We just knew no better

I am sure as generations go buy this conversation will evolve and possibly the divide will be even more evident. My mother (along with many others I am assured) is often heard to say

"You were never like that, you were such a well behaved child. You did as you were told and knew how to sit in silence at dinner and wait for others to finish, you knew how to play on your own without needing adult supervision"

It is funny to hear.. surely I was not as angelic as my parents make out?

I remember arguments? Truth be told I don't remember tantrums but surely I would have been to young. We had a nanny once my brother came along as Mum and Dad ran a business together so maybe she got it all?


I have my theory..
we had no iPhones, iPads..
we had TV but only before school time and from maybe 3-5 in the afternoon and even then not all of it was for a pre school age..
we had decent size gardens..
we just walked to mates houses even if it was across town, as the neighbourhood was safe..
we essentially led a far less stimulated life by anything other than ourselves

So maybe, just maybe we were all a better set of kids because in general we we were content in ust  thinking, happy in our own thoughts, observing life and creating our own stimulation not reliant on technology to ease out boredom.

Is it just we knew no better? Do you get the same things said to you? Were you a wonder child along with your partner that has somehow, despite the fact it is your DNA, managed to raise offspring that are polar opposites at times?


  1. I remember SO clearly my Grandmother telling me that my Mum would NEVER have spoken to me like that. I think Mum has now said the same thing to of life!

    I agree with your theory though!

  2. I think it's a combination of those reasons you listed, and a good dose of 'rose coloured glasses' as our parents look back on our childhoods.
    Just like I now remember my kids as angelic babes asleep in their cots and hardly ever think about the sleepless nights pacing the halls getting them to settle.

  3. oh whenever my one (or all) of my three play up, my mum says one simple word .... Karma! ;) xx


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