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Q&A with our Giveaway

How did your Business come about?

At the time in 2009 when the Phoebe Original was created Peter (the Australian half of the duo) was working as an Architect and I (├ůsa, the Swedish other half of the duo) was studying Product Design in Brisbane. Our weekends were spent playing with ideas and just making things. The combination of our Australian and Swedish cultures, inspirations and creative outcomes was something that we were passionate about and wanted to continue to build on so Phoebe Lamps evolved from there..

Is there a story behind the name?
Who is Phoebe? We like to leave a little mystery surrounding that…

What do you get up to when you are not working?
Having fairly recently relocated back to Australia and settling in Adelaide after a couple of years in Sweden, setting up our life here have taken up a fair bit of our time. When we have the chance we do love to explore our surroundings: the coast, the hills, the wine regions or simply visit the Central markets for some wonderful local produce and a great atmosphere.

I know it is hard but can you name your favourite item in your collection?
We are both quite in to the maps and the more graphic style products. We also love to see how our customers personalise their Phoebe Lamps; with kids drawings, photos, fabric and so many other creative ideas!

Do you have a wishlist on DTLL? What are your top two at the mo?
We have no official wish list but the Brita Sweden Blanket & Rugs are great and going into Autumn it would probably be the Gunnel blanket and the Helmi Rug

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