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So proud right now... like totally beaming...

My father owned his own business and was always a strong and loyal boss.. drive to achieve, eager to learn and never rely on others..

I have been self employed all my life, travelled to many countries during that time and I guess you could say I am pretty independent..

NOW my brother (who has also been pretty much self employed since Uni, even in the same industry) has gone and taken that drive to a whole new level and not only written a film but actually had it produced!!.

I am so proud, so , so proud.. It is a Horror/Thriller and even the artwork gives me the shivers..

Shock 'til you drop wrote "One title we've been tipped off about is Treehouse. Micheal Guy Ellis is making his directorial debut with the horror film which was penned by Alex Child and Miles Harrington. 

P.S Yes if you know my sons name it was 

"..Anywho I just had to chuck it out there... over and out from one proud as punch big sis.. 


  1. oh my gosh Tess, i don;t think I could watch it.... but I really want to....

    oh the dilemma! You will watch it, right?


  2. clever family. that's awesome Tessa.

  3. Well done - looks creepy, my hubby would love it!!

  4. Wow! Good on him, and you have every right to be super proud! I am a wuss however, and can barely even look at the cover! Not because it isn't awesome but as I said...HUGE wuss over here. x

  5. HOw exciting - I love a good horror flick! x


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