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Stills : A Weekly Collection

: he just wants to be his dad
: we sit and talk for hours (well ok, as long as we can until the kids come to join us)
: mums on the front, dads on the back.. I love this photo
: we played camps, we emptied rooms, they were crampt and pretty average but we had fun
: bye bye dad , see you next week
: a vinnies buy.. my wooden chalice.. no idea what I should use it for but I enjoy it by my stove
: abandoned favourites
: the schools first birthday crafting party, thank you megan
: even mum got to play.. DTLL never far from my mind.. one for the office
: my little lady

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  1. You look so much like your mum! Love that photo :)

  2. your little lady is beautiful and i love everything she has on!

  3. Lots of lovely playing happening at your place. xx

  4. Excellent collection this week! In particular, the ginger/pepper/lime/garlic grouping caught my eye. Very nice!


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