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Stills : A Weekly Collection

: Bush Runs always remind me that the path your travel is yours to choose
: Blooms at the Boatshed
: Sometimes, even when you don't have the time, take the time..
: Baking makes me feel all 1950's
: Making Banana Bread with so many bananas is sinks when it comes out makes for the BEST tasting 'nana bread even if not the best looking..
: I would love to own a florists, not for the early mornings.. just for the flowers
: Creaky Cranky
: I so wanted to take this home but the wall was not giving, lol

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  1. Stunning! I think we may have been bush running in a similar spot. It refreshes my soul. Always.

  2. nice ... the vino looks good!

  3. BANANA of my absolute favorites. Good reminder that I must make it myself very soon!


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