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Happiness is Hendricks..

Ok so being a Brit it is a given that I love a good Gin and Tonic so when I was invited to a 'Hendricks' Party I was a little bit excited to say the least.

It was held at the Botanic Gardens Restaurant land billed as being about all things curious and unusual for Hendrick's Gin's Journey into the Botanical Unknown.

Far out wasn't it just!....candlelit path with a random explorer, an entrance with a bearded lady lounging in the bath reading an old fashioned books about bondage.. nutty professors and naughty nurses and in every corner was a different drinks area serving Garden in Flower Punch, Hendrick's Victoria Mojitos, Martinis and Jubilee Punch to name just the ones I drank  saw.. I never knew there were 11 different botanicals that made up Hendrick's Gin but now I do and now I know why I love it over any other

I went with the DTLL Sydney team (sorry Victoria Crew) and whilst our PR team were of course mingling I snapped a few pics of the rest of us and the fabulous setting..

me and my kavea

yes my husband is looking far too smug ;) 

the sydney creative team with an awesome photobomb!
I just discovered the FB Page for Hendricks too and reckon the cocktails look a little exciting :)

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