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Q&A with our Giveaway

How did your Business come about?
Happy as Larry came about after I had finished art teaching to have children and wanted to find 100% wool felt to make some storage cubes for their rooms. Unable to find the felt I was after in Australia I sourced the felt from Nepal. With great feedback from friends I started to sell my products at markets and online. Soon realising I couldn't keep up with production, the Nepalese offered to make my designs for me. Since visiting Nepal and and meeting the ladies who make my designs I fell in love with the place and plan to have another trip real soon.

Is there a story behind the name? 
One of our family favourite sayings for our oldest son - He is always laughing. The saying evokes such joy, exactly what I wanted my brand to convey. 

What do you get up to when you are not working?
Ha! not working now thats a hard question! - I have just got back into painting after a long break and loving having some down time in the studio, that is not business related. My boys and I like to get out, go on long walks and rides. Now that they are a bit older we love to go hiking as a family down the south of WA. 

I know it is hard but can you name your favourite item in your collection?
Would still have to be the Original Larry Rug in the largest size. It packs a punch, is such fun and so versatile for any room in the house. 

Do you have a wishlist on DTLL? What are your top two at the mo?
My wish list is just too large. We are in the middle of sprucing up our alfresco and  garden so my favourite  top two would have to be 

These Ottomans - love their prints. 

Yellow is my fave colour - so would love this hammock

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