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Seller in the Spotlight : Make Me Iconic

Every couple of weeks we will put one of our gorgeous sellers in the spotlight and share with you a little about them and their business.  


Today we're chatting with the owner of Make Me Iconic - Natasha Skunca.

How did you start your business? 
It all started with an idea...well two actually. We returned home to Melbourne at the end of 2008 after an extended (10 year!) stay in Europe. Immediately we fell in love with the city again. How could you not? The city has so much to offer that is unique, stylish and contemporary we wanted something in our home that brought those elements to life. Sadly, there was nothing to be found. We had great souvenirs from London, but nothing to represent Melbourne – the city we grew up in and once again call home. We invested a few thousand dollars and made a few products and then just started selling them. I started simply knocking on doors of my favourite  shops. I have been extremely lucky and I feel humbled by our success.
What inspires you?
Basically the city of Melbourne keeps me inspired! It feels so good to be home again after 10 years away and it’s like discovering a whole new city all over again. I love all the quirky shops and the hidden alleyways. When I get time I love just walking around the city and taking photos. I also keep a scrap book of idea from things I have seen in magazines or photos.
What is your favorite piece in your collection?
I am really loving the HELLO POSSUM mini cushion at the moment with a flash of hot pink. I just had a girl so my entire life has just turned many shades of pink. I am working on some new products that will soon turn into my favorites once they get released.
What are 5 words you would use to describe Down That Little Lane?
OMG! (is that one word or three?)
If you could invite 5 people to a dinner party (dead or alive) who would they be?
It would have to be Tom Cruse because I am old school and still fancy him from his young days in Top Gun and I want to know all about his breakup with Katie Holmes. I would have to bring my husband too because I am really lucky and he loves to cook so basically he would cook all the food. My best friend from London too because she loves Tom Cruise too and I just want to see her and London is so far away now. PINK because she would be so feisty and it would just make me laugh plus we are going to her concert in August. And then some more eye candy such as Ewan McGregor and I want to hear about the new Star Wars movies (yes I am a fan of Star Wars and thank goodness the kids love Star Wars too!)

Make Me Iconic is a brand new company that is taking an entirely new tack on designer home wares and premium souvenirs. They produce high quality products that people enjoy, connect with and want to talk about.  Their goal is to bring the unsung icons of the city to life and into people’s homes. 
Then at the same time their products aim to enlighten consumers by providing facts about the icons of the city and what makes them so special and unique. 
Working with young, local designers, Make Me Iconic products make fresh things familiar and familiar things fresh.
You can see their full and fabulous range here.  

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  1. Thanks Tessa! We are going over to the UK in late July to visit my family and I've just ordered a few of these goodies to take as presses:)


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