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Stills : A weekly collection

: That Happy Day. We celebrated 16 yrs together and 11 yrs married this week
: I got me some new shoes.. you know how I have that Pinterest Board Grey what can I say ?..
: This guy had us mesmerised for ages tandem kite flying.. they were not attached.. he had one in each hand.. truly amazing.
: I do love little parcels from my own little family :)
: Run, run as fast as you can I am the one who runs so she can make a plan..
: one of "THE" outfits that I posted on FB for some advice on which to wear and had some lovely comments but OTHERS delightfully letting me know they thought I was a skank who looked washed out and surely had a different outfit.. after 20 years modelling its is water off a ducks back to me but it was an eye opener to what some poor bloggers get daily to their inbox.



    And it really is just water off a duck's back :)

    But yep, trolling is RIFE in the blogosphere. My very worst trolling came after we put Max into day care, t'was hideous ;)

    Keep smiling :)

  2. Your outfit is stunning and you look gorgeous in it! Happy anniversary x

  3. people are brutal aren't they, you look lovely! xx


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