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Stills : A weekly Collection

: do you see me ? thats my Mum and Dad at around 25.. I have always blamed my Dad for my jet black hair but now I see I had no hope!

: you would probably think it odd that my husbands anniversary from myself would be home decor items of such a pretty nature and that he would be over the moon with them but you see, I married well, found myself a keeper

: we have no need for alarm clocks in our house, the small people climbing in and snuggling at 6.45 each morning tends to make you stir from a slumber so when we woke at 7.15 on Friday we knew something was up.. camping was up, duvets, baskets, chairs and teddies were up. I even left it all up until bed as it made me smile so

: obi is the oldest dog with the puppiest tendencies, during the day he goes from cuddles to snores over a 10 second window in 20 minute rotations but give him a ball and he has the agility of a 1 year old and  the look of the naughtiest youngster.. oh how I love him so..

: how is it a week or so from winter when I head out for a run in a long sleeve and have to strip to a crop top half way and grab this picture?

: hendricks, hendricks oh where art thou hendricks.. totally addicted


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