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Chasing Dreams : My Story

A beautiful girl called Sonia from Love Life and Hiccups asked me to write a post for her a few weeks back and I thought I would share it again here as it is a subject I am often asked about... Why did I start DTLL? How did I start DTLL? and was it a big leap of faith to do so?

So chasing dreams huh?.. wowsers its is a huge choice that so many people come across and often never even get close to addressing. I have had so many ideas over my lifetime , seen, thought OMG that would be fab in Aus.. I should do that.. then gone nah.. too hard basket.. so what happened with DTLL? Why was that not swept under the carpet along with the others?

DTLL had that last little ingredient that tipped me over the edge, it had an added dose of desire that made me passionate. I was always a book marker, I just couldn't help myself. When I found something unique to buy on line. I saved it to come back too, I mean what if it hadn't been able to find it again?! Oh the travesty!

My speciality is gathering unusual gifts and home d├ęcor. I adore buying presents as I always have something in mind that suits the recipient regardless of budget limitations and my friends were always asking for recommendations. I had so many mini fist pump moments when they then bought those suggested products or someone asked me where I got the present that I bought their child as they wanted to buy one for someone else. 

It was a lightbulb moment that maybe I could turn something I loved doing and loved sharing into something that everyone could also grow to love. I researched and realised there wasn’t any one site to send them which guaranteed finding the sort of  gifts and home wares that I would be happy to recommend.

I went to a couple of web developers for quotes and whilst that initially scared me into stepping back and thinking about things for another month, I then went back to my boys and really sat down and got to the nitty gritty of exactly what I wanted the site, how it would function and most importantly how much it would cost to create that. 

The quote was high, the build was our family nest egg, it was all our savings and I would not be earn a wage for the whole 6 months it took to develop and at least the next year post launch. Again hubby and I sat down, did more research. The more I researched, the more I bookmarked and the more I bookmarked, the more I knew I wanted this SOOO bad. My gut NEVER said No, never not once and whilst I have no doubt my husband was nervous he never showed it and he backed me 100% saying he believed I could do it and he knew I would make it happen if I wanted it bad enough. 

So I hit the build button and there was no turning back.

From the look and feel of the website…to the font, logo, and colours…I knew exactly what I wanted in the DTLL site. In October 2011 we sent out personal invitations to the gorgeous stores I had been bookmarking all those years. Using the treasured places I spent many years sourcing, I gathered them all in one place. I then added the fun elements of wish lists and collections and in Nov 2011 Down that Little Lane went LIVE
So has it been worth it? Is the "chasing dreams" notion a totally ludicrous one?. 
It takes courage, it takes desire, it takes a support and it takes a HUGE amount if hard work. Hard work? 
WTF? What harder than what you do now?  
Yes most likely but the major part that makes the difference is that the hard work is all for YOU, it is what YOU desire and it is what YOU wanted so somehow the work is just so much more enjoyable. 
The rewards and pride are all there for yours to take all 100% off it as you created it by the choices you made

It has not been easy, in actual fact it has been 10x harder that I thought (and I am a hard worker) but the pride I have for what little old me created is just chest bulglingly amazing. The relationships and friendships I have formed with other SAHWM's is heartwarming and THE best and above all I am my own boss. I dictate how my day runs and what paths are taken and for what reasons. I am now even a boss to others and I have beautiful, loyal and grateful Mums that work with me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, our Blog and Newsletters

A wise lady recently said to me " the very definition of a woman wanting to 'have it all' is when she wants to be a working mum AND a stay-at-home mum at the same time" she was right but I did and I do and I could not be happier that I chased my dreams.. You have to try don't you? 

With Down that Little Lane I just couldn't have sat there two years later thinking what if ?

There are so many quotes I have up my sleeve these days about what I have done. I have need to have my mantras to keep reminding me that this is something not everyone does and is something I should be very proud about but my favourite would have to be the 3 C's

"You have to have courage, to take a chance, to make a change"..

So that's me and my chasing dreams story. I am a great ambassador for it these days and have ideas for businesses of all styles and sizes. If you need advice, contacts or just a good kick up the butt.. email me as I am happy to provide any or all of the above x

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