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Finders Keepers

Have you been? Your really should.. I took my Mum and with 180 stores under one roof, champagne by the glass and enough neon to light up the night sky it was an absolute joy.

I said to Mum.. see anything you love be sure to point it out, it is not like I miss a thing but you never know..

I am ever so proud to say that 90% of the stands Mum pointed out and said oh you have to see this/these I was then able to come over and say "Hi ...." as they were already part of the DTLL Family.. did I say proud? Make that chuffed to bits and grinning from inside to out..

It was so lovely to see them all in their element as markets are such a buzz of creativity and this one has the finest creatives of all so really something special. I love chatting to our store owners.. I am so proud of them and then they come back to me with a right back at ya comment. Freddy Alphabet said to my Mum  "You must be so proud of what your daughter has created?".. she got a "Well you know.." in response.. no idea what that meant but I was rather bashful that she had even asked!

I wasn't able to photograph all our guys as it was so busy I could not get a clear picture but if the teasers above prickle your curiousity then click on the image to see their full range..

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