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Let's Make It : Make your own Memory Game

When I think of childhood card games - memory is the one that first comes to mind.  I would spend hours playing with not only my siblings, but also on my own.  My memory was good.  But then along come children, and baby brain and... well, you know the rest.

This is free printable is just gorgeous, and a great one to get the kids involved in (so perfect for the school holidays!).  Not only that, but it's been created by one of our beautifully talented sellers - Love JK.


The printable download (you can get it here).
Sheets of A4 card


Download the PDF and print it onto the card.
Cut out each square (you'll have two of each design).
You can adhere some other coloured card to the backs to make them stronger.  And if you wanted to make them even more durable, you could laminate each card.


Shuffle the cards.
Lay them out face down.
Take turns to turn over two cards.
Remember where the cards are and then see if you can match up the pairs.

My three and a half year old daughter LOVES this game.  The perfect rainy day game.

LoveJK, is made locally in Melbourne with premium paper, fine fabrics and most of all ‘love’. Their focus is on fun-ware kids, for celebrating, decorating and creating. Featuring stationery, invitations, bunting and giftware, everything is designed to bring a smile to your face. They also have a range of personalised gifts, where you can tailor your pressie to any Thomas, Richard or Harriet.

This is one that was first posted by our friends over at the Daily Buzz.

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  1. Simple and fun! Love to have this in my bucket of DIY's for rainy days. Thumbs up! Got my eye on your next posts.


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