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Stillls : A weekly collection

: New bowls for me, perfect colour and adorable shape

: It may well officially be winter but it feels like autumn has just arrived and the colours are something worth gazing at....

: On the days I can, when work permits, we go to the park from the end of school until the sun goes down.

: I of course buy most of my childrens clothes from the site and I love that with school taking up so much of the year I can afford to buy less but spend a bit more for a longer lasting and better made wardrobe. I sighed in adoration at the detailings on this top

: Banana Bread is becoming a weekly thing at our house, I love the smell and Dad is lucky if the kids leave him a slice for when he comes home they love it so much

: I have long loved this Peter Pan Collar from Neekie Noo. I must have mentioned it somewhere or else it's creator has a sixth sense she could market, as one morning this week it arrived in a package with a beautiful note. So blessed I am.. truly

: My mother has a shoe addiction, she also has great taste.. I....well I don't have any addictions ( apart from possibly exercising and I am pretty sure I could quit that if you provided me a pill that would keep me slim with a strong heart) but am so happy to get hand me downs from her addiction or even, one better, when she finds a treasure and buys one pair for each of us. Thats not to say I could not develop a shoe addiction if I had more cashola so give me time..

: Kitty and Harrington are going to rule the world when they are older. This is "The start of our invention Mum. When we are bigger we will keep this house and tape it the that then to another house and another until we have the world. It is or world domination invention"

: I do deserts and boy can I do them well...toffee souffle at Glass.. knocked me out.

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