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Get the look : Nina and Patrick's house

Offspring.  What on earth did we do before it?!

While everyone is lusting over Nina's wardrobe and Patrick's smouldering glances, there's one other big part of the show that we are seriously crushing on... Nina and Patrick's home.  LOVE.  IT!

It's a bit vintage, a bit industrial, and all kinds of eclectic.  There's just something seriously cool about warehouse conversions.  I want to live there (and not just because Patrick does).

Are you obsessed with Offspring as much as we are?

GET THE LOOK : Nina and Patrick's home

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Offspring photos from here.  


  1. yes ... and I totally love Nina - I've suckered the Mr into watching with me each Wednesday, squee!

  2. I am obsessed with this look too, and Offspring and Nina's wardrobe and Yes Patrick too ;) x

  3. Oh yes. Yes. And YES! Love that you love it as much as me. Gosh, it's been ages since I visited. Hi! *waves madly*.



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