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Humbling Behaviour...

I find true loyalty so emotional. Be it from my friends in the way they care for me and my welfare, my relationships I have formed through work that support me and even tell me they find what I have done inspiring (the funny thing is the exact ones that do that are the ones I draw MY inspiration from) or just the simple loyalty that my husband offers where he has my back even when he thinks I have sort of been an arse.

These past few weeks I have been watching The Tour De France.

I come from a strong sporting background, I love a challenge, I thrive on competition and I adore kicking the crap out of personal goals but the Tour has really made me think about how truly amazing those men are. Someone I don't think I could ever be.. and not for the physical incapability but the psychological side.

These teams are made up of elite sportsmen, sportsmen fitter than a HUGE portion of the population could ever dream of being.

They are individuals that all start a race where only one person can take the final glory yet along the road they travel these sportsmen spend hours every day turning themselves inside out, clawing at every last ounce of energy and managing to push themselves through what must be the biggest battle of all, the battle of the mind that just tells them to stop pedalling and roll on back down that frigging hill!

The thing that moves me the most is the ones that do all that the best are never the ones that win, they are the ones that pull their team leader up the mountains every day. Give up their bike in a heartbeat if he gets a flat, wait for the team car to give them another then race up the road to start pacing him to the finish again. The ones that sprint flat out at the end until their heart is in their mouth and they are ready to throw up only to move out the way just before the line and let their team mate take the glory.

I like to think of myself as eternally giving to those I can, loyal to those I love and someone who pays it forward but I don't think, scrap that, I KNOW there is no way I could be that way in competitive sport.

It humbles me to watch their ability to do something I know I can't.. it makes me emotional..


  1. Love this. I have been a fan of cycling since I met my husband but I do remember the first time he introduced me to tour racing. I couldn't understand how a couple of guys would ride their guts out and then peel off and let their team mate take the win. Bit by bit I finally got it. It clicked. Loyalty, trust, comraderie. And it truly is wonderfully emotional. x

  2. I only watched a little of the tour as I visited my parents (addicts!), but I do know what you are referring to. I was blow away by one rider letting his team mate go ahead to take the yellow jersey... does that happen in any other sport?

  3. But you can and you do. As you point out, this is the way you live you life. x

  4. Hello there via the Rewind, I haven't watched the Tour but that does sound like a lot of sacrifice. Something I am struggling with, I know it's good to give but how to balance with self care??


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