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I am Grateful...

I have missed my gratefuls so I am back... there is so much to be grateful for in life and whilst time often gets away from me its not hard to pick one a week to cherish..

This week I am grateful for friendships, the friendships that support you, the ones you crave to have more time with, the ones that always do what they can to be there for you and happily give without expecting to receive.

I truly notice the people in my life that go that extra yard to be there for me and my business (I notice the ones that don't too, I can't help it but I choose to recognise it and then sweep it away).

Friendships should come naturally and this week I nurtured one of my favourites with this lovely lady whilst watching my little ones ever so quickly develop a couple of new ones with her children.. it was an easy day and one I would be happy to repeat day in and day out :)


  1. Oh, that's lovely. I often find myself very caught up in the whole "I need $x to get the oven fixed" and "oh, the car rego is due again"... really, I have my family and we all have our health, enough food and a roof over our heads. We really do have everything we need. I must try to remember that more. Thanks :-)

  2. Gorgeous - we all need beautiful friends like that x

  3. Those kinds of friendships truly are hard to come by. It's so beautiful to see your children becoming friends too. A lovely grateful post, thank you for sharing with #52weeksofgrateful x

  4. Where would we be without our gorgeous friends? It's so true that they're all different, but add to our lives in their own way. x


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