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Let's make it : Succulent Eggshells

We are completely in love with succulent's here at DTLL HQ.  And what's not to love?  They look spectacular, hardly need watering, thrive in all conditions and are as cheap as chips - perfect!

We came across this gorgeous little project over at Little Inspiration and had to share it with you all.

It's one that not only looks beautiful either indoors or outdoors, but it's one that the kids will love getting involved in over the school holidays.

You will need:
Potting mix (about a cup)
12 eggshells
Ceramic egg crate, or a regular egg carton/tray
Mini Succulent plants, about 5-6 depending on how many succulents are in each plant.

Step 1: Prepare your eggshells.  Remove the egg yolk by cracking them at the tip and removing bits of shell from the top to make the hold big enough for the raw egg to come out and the potting mix to go in.  

Step 2: Add about half a teaspoon of potting mix to each eggshell.

Step 3: Remove succulent from the plastic pot.  If your plant comes with three separate succulents, use your hands to separate them and carefully remove the excess soil.  

Step 4: Add succulent to the eggshell and add more potting mix to completely cover all sides.

If you're having a dinner party and would like a more formal look, Angie has you covered there too.  Instead of succulents, use beautiful bright flower cuttings, and instead of potting mix, add water. 

So beautiful, so simple, super cheap and a wonderful way to recycle your eggshells.  Happy eggshell planting!

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