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Seller in the Spotlight : Empire Lane

Every few weeks we will put one of our gorgeous sellers in the spotlight and share with you a little about them and their business.


Today it's all about the lovely Nicole Chapman from Empire Lane.

How did you start your business?  
I was a Marketing executive for over 8 years and a Home & Lifestyle Editor for a newspaper for 2 years before I turned my passion for interior design into my full-time career. Once I had my son my priorities changed and it became very apparent that my passion (obsession) for interior design was something I could no longer ignore. My past experiences in growing brands, launching products and copy writing has definitely served me well with Empire Lane so I am very grateful for those aspects of my previous careers.

What inspires you? 
Love. Love for people, love for life, love for design, love for happiness.

What is your favourite piece in your collection? 
I think it would have to be the "You're Awesome" A4 print that reads "You're Awesome Little Dude". It's just something that I have always said to my son every since he was a baby. I still say those exact words to him at least once a day to the point where sometimes he will do something he knows is cute or well mannered and he'll say it to himself :-)

What has been your favourite recent purchase? 
I'm a self confessed chair addict so I was rather elated recently when I scored a set of 8 bentwood chairs on Ebay for a steal. I plan to paint them at some point but I'm having trouble committing to one colour. Perhaps I'll paint them each a different colour.

What is your favourite movie? 
I tend to like cheese-ball romantic comedy or anything Pixar but I did recently see Argo and LOVED it!

If you could invite 5 people (dead or alive) to dinner, who would you invite and why? 
Oh, I think about this all the time and it changes now and then but right now it would be Micheal Buble to entertain us, Ellen DeGeneres to make us laugh, Robert Holden to inspire us, Russel Brand for more laughs and Chris Pratt because he is my celebrity crush (a girl's got to dream right?) ;-)

Empire Lane is born from an understanding that interior design has the power to transform the way you live and work. 

"Interior design has been my passion since I was a little girl. On my 10th birthday I asked for a subscription to House and Garden magazine and a set of crisp white Sheridan towels. Design is what inspires my life and drives me to scour the globe for the perfect colours, fixtures, finishes and decor pieces for my clients" says Nicole.

You can view the gorgeous entire range here


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