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Stills : A Weekly Collection

: a day of love and laughter at The Beetleshack..
: school holidays mean more time at home with less work able to be done.. I won't complain as less lunchboxes, more baking and empty laundry baskets make me smile
: his little cars pop up all over the house.. to come home to a selection by the front door made my heart melt
: magazine time is a rare time that I choose to cherish in my bedroom
: every monday we go to the local charity shop, we always have at least a plastic bag full to hand in and  always leave with some new treasures and rarely trade even a note.. last of the big spenders are my son and I
: marvellous and magical, handmade and all mine.. I am looking forward to ageing with this beauty
: date night with my boy.. world war z.. we held hands the whole movie, it was bliss


  1. Holding hands at the cute! What was the film like?
    That car shot could be here - everywhere we go there are some!

  2. Oh my that leather lap top pouch. I die! Major envy going on here :) xx


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