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Stills : A Weekly Collection

: one can hardly turn the little fella down on his request for scooter park when the vision upon arrival is such..
: parklife.. AGAIN.. truly I love it really
: purple is becoming a pattern, I don't think it will take over my hot pinks, khaki or pastels but there is a phase happening for sure
: take me away in one...actually I would just like one in the back garden
: our weekly charity shop trip $3 spend and mother and son leave as happy campers
: ubervisiting... I love that gal


  1. great photos but l confess to spending far to much time on your website window shopping and nearly having to contemplate robbing a bank to buy the 100+ things l have fallen inlove with. OMG you have great taste!!!

  2. Gorgeous stills, a spot under that tree with a good book would be just perfect and oh yes an airstream in the backyard would be fabulous too.
    Sophie xx

  3. That second shot is just gorgeous, Tessa.
    Ronnie xo


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